Bedfordshire Learning Link is a partnership with:

High Sheriff of Bedfordshire

The role of High Sheriff is now largely ceremonial but keeps close links with the Judiciary and Police. Another key responsibility for the High Sheriff is to serve the county and the many families and groups that live within it and plays an active role in promoting a wide range of voluntary work within their communities, together with encouraging and participating in projects designed to reduce crime.

Susan was born and educated in Bedfordshire and has lived all but four years of her life in the county. Susan is privileged to also serve as a Deputy Lieutenant for Bedfordshire and support the Lord-Lieutenant in carrying out her functions as Her Majesty the Queen’s representative in the county. 

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Level Trust


We help families overcome the costs of education so all children in Luton have the chance to love learning.

When money is tight at home, a child might not have the uniform and equipment they need for school. They are unlikely to be able to do fun things in the school holidays and they are more likely to suffer with mental health problems and low self esteem. They can be embarrassed about making friends because they feel ‘different’ and they can experience hopelessness about the future.

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Luton Council of Mosques


Luton Council of Mosques and the Luton Sunni Council of Mosques aims  to practise their faith, encourage good and raise awareness about Islam and the Muslim community. They drive and support a range of community campaigns to support local initiatives like Luton Foodbank, Bedfordshire Learning and Luton Learning Link and NHS Health checks.

FACES Bedford


FACES (Family and Children's Early-help Services) is a well established local independent charity offering practical and emotional support to families under stress.  

FACES supports local children and families faced with difficult issues such as mental and physical health, domestic abuse, poverty, child sexual exploitation and behavioural issues via a range of quality-tested services and family support groups, many led by the team of dedicated volunteers.

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Blues Foundation


Blues Foundation is the charitable arm of Bedford Blues Rugby Club.

Working across Bedfordshire and neighboring areas, out vison is to inspire our community through the values or rugby for the advancement and promotion of positive and informed lifestyle choices.